Lesson plans

Lesson plans

Many of our podcast episodes are created with education in mind. In fact, How Hacks Happen creator Michele Bousquet started the podcast as a way to give her grad-level student an overview of important cybersecurity concepts and events, in an easy-to-digest format.

These lesson plans are yours to use in any way you like: edit them, delete or change items, and use them as you like to help educate your students.

What’s in the lesson plans?

Each lesson plan pertains to an individual episode. In these lesson plans, you’ll find:

  • A listening assignment, basically listening to the related podcast.
  • A short reading assignment (if applicable), which is optional.
  • Discussion questions, at least eight
  • Assignment/quiz questions and answers, at least eight

Lesson plans are offered on both Word .DOCX and .PDF format.

Great! How do I get the lesson plans?

You can download the lesson plans right here, listed by podcast title:

There are more coming! We hope you are able to use these lesson plans to enhance your curriculum.